Did I say the Party of National Suicide.  Should have said the Party of Political Suicide.

For years the Republicans held off the Democrats by blasting them as the “Tax and Spend” party.  Slowly the Democrats began to outlive the label, not by being more thrifty, but simply by not being in a position to tax and spend freely because they were in the minority.  And of course they had the windfall of the Republicans using their time in the majority to basically turn into Democrats.  Finally, in 2008 the Democrats won the trifecta…and self destructed.  Drunk with power and they went on an insane spending spree.  If the Republicans, or the Tea Partiers (I don’t really care which), restore fiscal sanity, it will take the Democrats a generation to outlive the “Tax and Spend” label now.  Isn’t there some saying about the brighter the candle burns the quicker it goes out.  Burn bright Dems.


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