Ahhhh… The fallout

The Day After Election Day (DEAD spelled backwards) and everyone has an opinion to express.  Well, given the name of the blog, express I must.

A comment on Daniel Henninger’s article on Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Page (my site feels so at home there).  Henninger describes the new American Voter as a herd of cattle and coins the term “cattle stampede” to describe how this new voter group chased politically left and right.  First, how much better to be portrayed as raging bulls than the sheeple the Democrats hoped we would be and still want us to become.  But secondly, he is wrong about the voting herd chasing left after Obama and switching right now.  The independent voters who voted for Obama did not vote for a leftist.  He ran as a moderate.  The fawning press went out of its way to bury his Marxist associations so only us political junkies knew just how far out in left field this guy was.  The Democrats blasted the idiot Republicans for their irresponsible spending, expansion of government and unbridled personal corruption.  The herd wasn’t told that what the Democratic Axis was going to bring would make Republican Democrat Lite governance look positively miserly, restrained and saintly in comparison.

Really honestly and truly, the thundering herd of the Tea Partiers, independents and disaffected partisans is not chasing left or right.  They are chasing fiscal responsibility, restoration of civil rights and the return of Constitutional government and the Rule of Law in government.  Some people may consider that right wing.  So be it.  But that’s still not chasing left and right.  It’s looking consistently for one thing both political  parties have utterly failed to deliver.  Both political parties have failed spectacularly in this regard, one unbelievably worse than the other.  The Republicans were kicked out because they broke the Contract With America.  The Democrats will be kicked out because they never believed in it in the first place.

The Pelosi/Reid/Obama Democratic Axis will damage the Democratic Party for a generation.  They will have Tax, Spend and Domination Party tattooed down to their bones.  That will take some painful sanding to remove.

The Republicans have the opportunity to seek redemption.  Return to their roots.  Conservative governance, fiscal responsibility, for the greater good, To Create A More Perfect Union because We The People of These United States aren’t going to give them many more chances.  The Republicans need to remember than in 1856, they were the third party.


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