MSM: Field Marshall Rommel advises Gen Eisenhower

Dateline 1944:  Main Stream Media outlets today carried the message from the Former Commander of the much heralded Afrika Corp and architect of  Hitler’s Atlantic Wall for the defense of the Reich to the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe today.

“The Great General should not succumb to the temptation to carry out extremist military operations if he ever wants to recapture the European mainland.” the dashing Field Marshall told reporters.  “Such actions as attempting to launch an invasion against the Normandy or Brittany coasts will simply result in perpetuation of the Allied Armies as outsiders from the Continent.  It will cause them to remain a minor party in the affairs of Europe.  Indirect action that results in vastly extended supply lines, delays direct confrontation, and causes the scattering and diffusion of the General’s forces over vast stretches of inhospitable countryside will surely lead him to ruin.”  Asked what Erwin, as he likes to be addressed by the press, would recommend Gen Eisenhower do, he replied, “The direct approach is always the best.  Go straight to the heart of the matter.  Clearly the most direct approach is to land at Calais directly across the English Channel from England.  It is where we have massed the largest part of our forces.  Only 43 kilometers of water and he will be able to directly engage our strategic center.  Wars are not won by conquering territory.  They are won by smashing armies, and ours is at Calais.  The superiority of the approach is obvious.  It is the surely the path that Mein Fuhrer would take if he were in Gen Eisenhower’s shoes.”


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