Ft. Hood

I don’t have any opinions on the shooter that a short length of rope couldn’t express better.  The radio commentator I was listening to at the gym kept calling him a jihadist sympathizer.  No.  He’s a jihadist.  period.  That fact that he didn’t have the decency to die during his attack just means we have an opportunity to make him live on ham, bacon and pork rinds for the rest of his life.

I am expecting to get an e-mail today from my favorite “let’s uninvent the gun”er who I used to work for.  I always made the point that mass shootings always take place in so-called ‘gun free zones’.  In reality, ‘Gun free zones’ = ‘Free Fire Zones For Mass Killers”.  Let’s face it.  How many mass shootings have you heard of at NRA conventions.  My old boss is going to claim that a mass shooting at a military base disproves my contention that an armed society would prevent mass shootings because everybody in the military has guns and they still weren’t able to stop the killings.

But the reality is that Fort Hood proves my case.  Domestic military bases are some of the largest gun free zones in United States.  When you wander through a military installation, the only people packing heat are the military police at the gate.  Unlike the vast majorities of states, I don’t believe concealed carry is allowed on military bases.  All weapons are locked up in armories that are generally far from the housing areas.  The position of Sargent-at-Arms was created to identify the person who traditionally held the keys to the arms lockers.  The personnel at Ft. Hood were actually at greater risk to a mass shooting than the general public because it’s pretty much guaranteed that no Good Samaritan with a Concealed Carry Weapon permit was going step up and stop the carnage.

Hard lessons.  Too bad nobody learns from them.


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