There’s principled…

…and then there’s stupid and gullible.

And the Republican House caucus is…?

They voted for the Stupid Stupak Amendment to the Trojan the Healthcare Industry Takeover Bill, banning it from funding abortion and thereby paving the way for the Democrats to pass the whole bill.  Because, according to the Republican anti-abortion caucus, “We don’t play politics with life.”

No stupid, BUT THE DEMOCRATS DO!  And principles aren’t supported by playing the fool.  The best way to keep Obamacare from funding abortion is to KILL THE HEALTHCARE TAKEOVER BILL!  GAWD!  I’m flaming in caps like Gateway Pundit!

Killing the bill is the only way to stop all of the bad provisions in the bill because the problem isn’t  the provisions.  It’s the entire bill itself.  Because a one sentence amendment to eliminate a clause can be undone by another one sentence clause buried in a another Democratic 1,000 page spending atrocity passed in the middle of the night because that’s the only way they can their trash passed.  Or as promised by the Democrats themselves, the amendment won’t even make it to Obama’s desk because it will be killed in conference committee.

Principles are served by WINNING!  If you have a priceless Ming Vase and somebody is trying to take it from you, you don’t defend it by HOLDING IT OUT IN FRONT OF YOU, MORONS!

Gee, and the Republicans can’t understand why people don’t identify with them anymore.


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