I’m like a prophet or something!

I said this would happen.

W was far from the worst president ever.  There was much he could have done better.  Communicating better rather than letting his opponents drive the agenda would have been a biggy.  Being less of a Democrat at spending would have been another.  But he was always perfectly poised.  A class act.  And there was never any doubt that somebody was in charge.  That’s leadership whether you agree with policy or not.  And totally in contrast to the vacuous presence in the White House today.

In the last lame duck days of his administration, as the financial meltdown reached it’s climax, Bush snapped his fingers and the developed world’s leaders came to Washington DC to sit at his feet, not to bask in the light of his aura, like O, but because they knew he would actually do something.  I’m still waiting for Godbama to call a summit…where he can belittle the other leaders of the world with a video about him Him because he He is WAY to awesome to actually suffer their presence in person…and nobody shows.  Why bother?  He’s not going to do anything anyway.


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