(The title is to counterpoise the following post (which is really the previous post.))

The internet (at least the parts that count) is afire with the news of the hack of the Glowball Worming Fraudsters.

The reason for the angst is that yes, a crime was committed against the GWF.  I’m not really a friend of hackers.  But this was a crime against criminals.  The e-mails prove nothing to me.  Confirms?  Yes.  But beyond the details doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t know.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming movement has been and always will be a bunch of fraudsters.  They are not scientists.  Any degrees they pose behind to provide credentials to back up their claims should be revoked by the institutions that granted them.  These people are not disgraces to the practice of science only because they made no attempt to practice science.  This was a conspiracy of con-men (and women) who actively pursued a plan to undermine the rights of Humanity to exist and prosper by creating a climate of fear based on a fraudulent threat they invented in the name of Saving The Earth.

Just a bunch of con-men.  So much for the Noble Environmental Movement.  There is no angst in regards to my contempt for these people.  Can we stop being Green now?


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