The Greatest Campaign

Don Surber makes the comment, “Obama was the best presidential candidate I have seen.”

My reply:

Can’t agree with that. Obama may not have been the worst because he was campaigning against him. But “Waffles” barely ran a campaign. If someone is lifted in a litter and carried around the track by an army of reporters who are taking turns carrying the litter and kneecapping the opposition, do you really want to make the case that the person on the litter is a great runner?

Obama’s campaign was often ham-fisted and clumsy.  But it was either portrayed as genius by the “thrill up my leg” press or smothered.  There’s a saying the the Devil’s greatest accomplishment was convincing the world that he did not exist.  The presses’ greatest accomplishment in 2008 was that by the end of the campaign, world still hadn’t figured out who Barack Obama was.


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