To bow, or not to bow

I look on the Obambi’s bowing not in terms of “Americans don’t bow!”, but “The idiot did it wrong!  What a cad!”

I don’t really have an aversion to bowing.  For years I practiced bowing while I studied Shotokan karate.  Try settling down on the left knee, then the right knee so that you are kneeling and sitting on your heels, toes facing back.  Begin bending forward sliding first your left hand forward and then your right.  The hands come together and the thumbs and forefingers make a triangle on the floor that you then place your forehead in.  Then you stay there until sensei acknowledges you.  Try that at about 350 lbs.  I have always been surprisingly flexible for my considerable bulk, but the knees did not take kindly to the hard floor.  Of all the things I did in karate, the formal bowing was the most painful.

The Court Jester in Chief Clown in Chief (Biden is the court jester) did an apology bow without explaining what he was apologizing for.  And then did it while shaking hands.  Don’t they teach any class at all in those ivy league schools?

Contrast that to Ambassador Mike Mansfield’s tear filled apology bow to the foreign minister while delivering a letter of apology for the sinking of a japanese freighter after it was rammed by the submarine USS George Washington.

Obama is like a country hick trying to pretend he has manners as he stumbles around the world looking for all the world like…like… Obama.

Mansfield = class.  Obama = classless.

Sometimes, doing nothing is better than doing it wrong.


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