Just a quick note

Apologies for slow posting.  Real life interfering with the important business of spouting opinions.

I did go to the St. Louis Tea Party rally Saturday.  Took a bunch of pictures with the new iPhone (Whoo-hoo!).  But am still trying to get time to work out all the connectivities to get them downloaded to the computer.

There is going to be a National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN.  Could this be the start of a serious third party establishment?  Sarah Palin is keynoting it.  I have always thought that if any major political figure could get to the front of the Tea Party movement, it would be her.

The thing to understand about a third party like that is that they would almost surely caucus with the Republicans, just like the communists, marxists and other “worker’s parties” would caucus with the Democrats.  I don’t believe that Palin would run as a Tea Partier unless the Repubs, in their infinite wisdom, select another RINO “I can be a Democrat, too” candidate.


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