Well this explains a lot

Steven De Beste at Hot Air enlightens us with why liberals are idiots.  He doesn’t call them that.  He defines the difference between cosmic materialists (the world is real and obeys physical laws) and teleogists (the world obeys because I wish it).  He doesn’t accuse liberals in particular of teleology.  But it fits.  Perfectly.  Why do leftists and marxists and all of of the other modern so called liberals continuously push idiotic policies doomed to fail?  Because they are so totally and completely self-absorbed and ego-centric that they assume the universe exists to serve them.

De Beste doesn’t go that deep.  But it is a logical root cause.  It explains why the environmentalist movement (that would be the environmentalist religion as opposed to environmentalists who actually do good) divide the universe into “natural” and “unnatural” as in anything humans do.  A materialist should understand that humans are every bit as much a part of nature as polar bears.  The only difference between a beaver dam and Hoover dam is we do it so much better on such a grand scale.  It’s our nature.  It is a part of nature.  And it makes nature.  Just like the beaver dam changes the stream to adapt the environment to the beaver’s benefit.

Does that mean that one should not wish?  Not at all.  Hope springs eternal.  But ultimately, wishful thinking can only affect the wisher.  The power of positive thinking and constructive visualization is well documented.  But it won’t move mountains unless there is a shovel handy.


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