Here’s why Bill

Bill Hennesey at St. Louis Tea Party asks why the corporate big wigs are a bunch of panty waisted commie sympathizing cowards.  As a occupant of Big Corporate America for about a quarter century, let me give you some insights.

1)  Courage doesn’t get you promoted.  Spineless accommodation gets you promoted.  Big Corporate bureaucracies take out standouts like a game of Whack-a-Mole.

2)  The path of least resistance.  Fighting the government might have worked decades ago.  Fighting the Federal Empire now gets you fired.  Sucking up to the Federal Empire gets you access to all the riches our masters are willing to bribe you with to get your spineless accommodation.  (See 1 above)

3)  We are a society of lawyers and the lawyers get rich by legislating and enforcing liberal policies by effectively outlawing non-accommodating positions.  A CEO who doesn’t spout liberal dogma can be sued under any number of hate crime legislation.  This doesn’t contribute to the well being of the company or the executive being sued.  (See 2 above.)

The biggest problem people have understanding executives today is they confuse them with the self-made tycoons and captains of industry in the past.  Few executives today created the businesses they run.  The are just hirelings, like the janitors.  The purpose of management in corporate America is to enrich management.  It is an inconvenience that they have to give some of that money to the stockholders in order to retain their position.  Oh, wait!  We’ll get the government involved and bypass the stockholders.  Stocks are just property like houses and the government has granted itself the power to seize those on a whim for the benefit of private companies.


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