There just isn’t enough popcorn in the world

Remember 11 months ago when everything seemed lost?

Civil war looms between the House and Senate Democrats. It’s only fair. Last time they caused the Civil War between the North and South and killed 600,000 people. This time, the rest of us get to just sit back and watch.

Sen. Tom Coburn sets off a small tactical nuke in the Hallowed Hall of the Senate.  He made them read Communist Bernie Sanders’ amendment to the Health Industry Takeover Bill. Out loud. What unspeakable gall.

The Environazis are self destructing in Copenhagen. Their cruelty, their malice, and their desire to rule all life on Earth unto the Ending of the World is running afoul of the fact that they are all a bunch of morons trying to win an argument about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and claiming they have the science to prove it…and anybody who disagrees with them is a barbarian

On that second note, the Democrats proved beyond any shadow of a doubt why the public support of the ObamaCareless bill is so low.  Nobody trusts them.  Comrade Bernie withdrew his bill because he knew it wasn’t going to pass if anybody had an idea what was in it.  Then they stopped the reading.  This was in direct violation of Senate rules that required that the bill be read in its entirety unless a unanimous vote of members allow it to be stopped.  Nobody trusts the Democrats because they lie, cheat and break the rules to suit whatever little pique they have going at the moment.  It doesn’t matter what they promise today, they’ll break that promise tomorrow.  Add a clause to unfund abortion?  It will be fixed the day after the bill goes through.  Don’t pay for illegal immigrants?  That will last about a week.  Not absorb  1/6th of the country’s economy into the Federal Empire?  Yeah, right.  Who doesn’t think that’s their goal?

Update: Via Instapundit, Charlie Foxtrot sees the lack of trust issue.


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