Enjoying it while it lasts

I’ve been off this week…because I’m always off between Christmas and New Years.  Seemed like a good time to enjoy the benefits of the Evil American Health Care System.

I went to my primary healthcare provider on Tuesday for a checkup and to complain about my left arm going numb.  (very tingly.  Not very enjoyable)  I had to wait in the waiting room almost FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!  I didn’t even get time to finish the tune on the iPhone.  This system is inhuman.  After going through all the checkup things, my doctor prescribed a set X-rays and MRI to check out the spinal column.  He went out to the front desk and they came back with appointments that required waiting LESS THAN 24 HOURS.  What? Do they think we can just run from one medical establishment to another on a whim?  Where’s the 9 month wait that the glorious socialist healthcare systems provide?  I’m have faith that Obamacare will eventually give us the European healthcare system we so richly deserve.

This was also my first experience with the dreaded MRI.  It was an open sided MRI as opposed to the cigar tube that I had little to no likelihood of being able to fit into.  So I ended up laying on the table stuck between two massive round plates that looked uncomfortably like the big 50,000 ton drop presses they used to have at work.  Nothing disconcerting about being locked into a machine that looks like it could press me flatter than paper.   And then there is the noise.  I kept thinking that if I opened up the machine, I would find an Energizer Bunny holding a horseshoe magnet and a compass (transmitter and receiver) amongst an orchestra of devices designed to make expensive sounding noises.  Kind of like the “Machine that goes ‘ping‘” in Monte Python’s Meaning of Life movie.  It’s a strange sensation because it’s a combination of sensory deprivation and hypnosis.  I can’t really see anything except the blank beige surface about four inches from my eyes.  Lying absolutely still tends to make the body lose track of where its pieces are.  And while there was nice classical music playing (the MRI tech took requests) it was usually drowned out by the expensive sounding throbbing of the MRI.  It was causing disorientation after a half hour.  I was ready for it to be over by the end.

And since I’m meandering medically, I’ll make a call out to the staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.  The receptionists and techs were top notch.  Short of serving coffee and giving back rubs, they couldn’t have been more pleasant and professional.

So what did you do on your Christmas Vacation?


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    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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