The complete failure of the Democratic Party approacheth

The Democrats have been given complete control of the country.  How’s that working out for ya’all?

What the Democratic/statist/socialist agenda is proving is that the statist/socialist agenda is a failure…as it has been in virtually every country that has fallen for the siren song of Communal Utopianism.  For decades, the Democrats have claimed that if we do it their way, following their “Progressive” program, everything will work better.  And just for good measure, the Republicans sang the same song, playing Democrat-Lite with big corrupt government.  So the problem is not just the who, it’s the what.

Fascism (should we call it Classical Fascism a la Mussolini vs. the Fascism as substitute for Nazism the Leftards toss around?) is rule by big government, big organizations, and big unions to create a ruling political oligarchy.  This pretty much describes the current government of the United States.  The Democrats have shown their true colors.  For decades they feigned indignation when their opponents called them “tax and spenders”.  How many generations will it take for them to live that title down now?  …weak on defense?  …little better than an organized crime syndicate?

For anybody who follows the precept that history never repeats itself, consider that what the Democrats have created is essentially an object lesson in everything the Founding Fathers ever said about the abuses of government.  A government big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you’ve got, and that includes your very life…or your children’s hope for a prosperous future.  The Democratic Party is, has been, an likely always will be the Party of Slavery.  It’s goal has been since the time of Jackson the insatiable quest for Power.

The issue is not whether the Democrats get killed in the next election.  The question should be whether the Democrats can maintain a functional national party after they have largely destroyed large swaths of the country.  The inevitable result of long term power by Democrats is bankruptcy.  At the city level, state level and eventually national level, their entire philosophy is driven by theft.  Steal from the rich.  Steal from the producers.  Steal from the children unborn.  And never allow anything to be produced.  It is ironic that the party that spends so much time pining and playing lip service to “sustainability” pushes a political position that is economically unsustainable and ultimately self-destructive of the community that adheres to it.

The only real issue with the complete failure of the Democratic Party is how much chaos they will inflict on the country before they are driven from power.


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  1. Educated Patriot on

    A few things. This “essay,” this grouping of harmless words into ignorant babble only serves to show the stupidity breeding in the more close-minded parts of our country.

    “The Democratic Party is, has been, an likely always will be the Party of Slavery.”

    Take this for example. At first glance, and insightful and honest perspective on a tyrant of a government. But allow us to dive a little further in. First of all, the word ‘slavery’ should instill fear and anger deep in your heart. It’s a scary thing. You might also be reminded of the slavery that existed in our great nation before the leadership of the might Abraham Lincoln and his heavenly warriors of freedom, justice, and equality.

    Again, without a background, Abraham Lincoln seems like a smart, freedom-loving Republican. He was, after all. He fought the civil war. And he won it.

    But the civil war was not fought to free slaves. This war was a quest to hold together the country that Mr. Lincoln inherited as president. To keep our great United States intact. You might be starting to get nervous here, that sounds a lot like big government doesn’t it? No? Well perhaps that’s not enough detail.

    The Confederate States of America seceded from the Northern States because they felt they were being subjected to unjust governing, by the federal government, led by a Mr. Abraham Lincoln. So, they decided to do the right thing. They separated from this “big government,” to ensure the survival of state’s right, the cornerstone of today’s Republican philosophy.

    This is where our mighty president stepped in. In order to keep his country in one piece, Mr. Lincoln went to war. Not because he wanted to stop slavery, but because he believed in America. In the American government. The very government above compared to a “Communal Utopianism,” as if drawn from George Orwell’s 1984 itself!

    Now, fighting for federal government, that sounds like a very liberal idea doesn’t it? But wasn’t Lincoln a patriot?

    Next, the word “Progressive.” What is progressive? In the illuminating passage above, it is directly compared to Fascism, and the Nazi’s. Again, if you don’t know what these words mean, it becomes a very dark and disturbing keyword, doesn’t it? So let’s examine it for a minute.

    Progressive (n.) – favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are

    Progressive. Progress. Well that makes sense! But what does it mean?

    Could it mean… The abolition of slavery??? Why, that would be considered Progressive, yes! As was the Civil Rights Movement and the Constitution of the United States. even the Declaration of Independence was considered Progressive in it’s time!

    But then… why are Progressive liberals called the “Party of Slavery” in the well-researched passage I just read? Well, here we encounter the real route of corruption in American politics. Ignorance. Here we can see elementary name calling in effect. Let’s examine these terms. We will place an “x” next to each that applies. If it might apply under different viewpoint, or is up to debate, we will place a “d.”

    ( ) Socialist.
    ( ) Communal Utopianism.
    (x) Progressive. (as we discussed earlier)
    ( ) Fascism.
    ( ) Nazism.
    ( ) Party of Slavery. (oh, my!)

    Now, let us examine the “complete failure of the Democratic Party.”

    Take our congress, for example. Now, in an ideal congress, all parties would fight for the well-being of the nation as a whole. But this is not how ours works. As members of different groups contest for supremacy, things can get dirty. This, as I would guess, it what happened here. Which is how our president (a black man) gets called a member of the “Party of Slavery.” With such ignorant babble, how can we PROGRESS as a society, and as a nation? Well that’s a good question. In order to truly help your country, you have to fight the urge to blast nonsensical rhetoric at people you disagree with, and promote intelligent conversation and debate. But yes, it’s a lot easier to scream “Fascist!” and crack open a beer.

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