Clare McCaskill’s web contact page is not functioning.  I checked some of the other senate contact pages on name.senate.gov/contact/ and they were working.  Is her office getting clobbered for her mouthing off, or has she just turned it off so she doesn’t have to take the heat?

I was going to send Clare a comment to her statement in an interview where she said that the Obamacare debate should be public, but she’s not, ya’ know, actually going to make them do that.

Dear Sen. McCaskill;

Words mean nothing.  If you think the congressional debates should be publicized, then stand up and do the honorable thing and follow through.  Only deeds matter.  Ask the Orator in Chief.  The only words remembered are the hollow ones not followed up by action.

You may want to keep that resume updated.  Of course, it may be awkward explaining what you did for the last six years.

Do you get the impression that Claire isn’t having as much fun at her new job as she thought she was going to have?  She thought she was going to go to Washington, DC, get under someone’s desk currying…ahem…favors for cushy political appointments and instead, she is being held accountable to people she never expected she would ever have to listen to for creating the worst US government ever.

Poor Claire.  Is every Democrat in Washington in over their heads like Obama is?  Maybe they should read the job descriptions before they run.  Phhhtttt.   That’s as silly as expecting them to read the Constitution.


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