Can we take the sign down now?

Mark McGwire has ‘fessed up to being a juiced up athlete, apparently seeking redemption in his bid to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Do they have a category for biggest disgrace?  I’m not sure how the plaque reading “Cheated to 70 homeruns” is supposed to support his case.

The good politicians in the City of St. Louis celebrated McGwire’s “achievement” by renaming Highway 70 through St. Louis “Mark McGuire Highway”, duly marked out with signs despite all the scandals surrounding his record.  Now that he has ‘fessed up, can we take the silly signs down?

Note that my policy is no taxpayer money can go to naming ANYTHING after a living person.  And that includes the USS George H. W. Bush and the USS Jimmy Carter.  It should be imbedded in the Constitution, “No title of nobility or celebrity shall be granted by the United States…”


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