It’s not an Obamatuerism anymore

Hot Air is still running its Obamateurism of the Day/Week/Month/Year/Term.  I think it’s time to evolve that.  The Obamateurism theme was to show that The Won was not ready to be president when he came to office.  But implying amateur status doesn’t fit since he is clearly being paid to do nothing.  I would offer that it should become the Obamaism in recognition of the fact that he will never be ready to be president.

Obamaism = rank incompetence.

Of course other uses of the name come to mind.  For instance, “I’m going to go to the john and make a big obama.”  To the carpenter wanna’ be who is going to drive a screw with a hammer, “Don’t obama that job.”  Among the people in the plane with the pilots sound asleep beyond the armored doors, “We are so obamaed.”  And to the American people watching centuries of growth, progress and prestige going down the crapper of history, “The president is such an obama.”

See, I want to ensure that the new president is properly recognized by history.  Bill Clinton gets his Lincolnesque statue in a chair… with Monica’s head in his lap.  Jimmy Carter gets an empty pedestal.  And Obama adds to the languages colorful terms.  He is The Great Orator after all.

PS:  Maybe we should start calling bathrooms “baracks”.  After all, we’ve been picking on some guy named John for a long time now.


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