He broke the internet

After I picked up on the Brown Revolution victory, I tried to go to my usual blogulating sites.  They wouldn’t come up…crushed by the flood of comments I suppose.  They always said a nuclear explosion would frag the internet.  Looks like they were right.

Now the question is, how stupid is Obama.  Since he hasn’t done anything right since he took office, my expectations are not too high.  He has said that he’s going to go all Richard Daley on the Republicans if Brown wins.  I fully expect that to happen because that is the stupid thing to do.  Under the wise tutelage of this former professor, the question should not be will the Democrats lose the House and Senate in 2010.  The question should be will there be enough of the Democratic Party left to call it a major party.

Oh, yeah.  Almost forgot to comment on Obama’s socialist agenda:


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