I always love it when libtards talk about jobs, in just about any context.  Because what becomes perfectly clear is that they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.  Most have never actually worked a real 8-hour a day, five day a week job in their lives.  Real libtards are trust fund babies or lawyers and other non-producing liabilities on society.

The Democraps are going to go into the Job Making Business.  The Job Bill, that they haven’t even started yet will cost at least $1/2 Trillion and will be another pool of money for ACORN and other Democratic constituencies because really honestly and truly they do not have a clue where ‘jobs’ come from.  No more than they know where the money comes from to pay for all of the socialist programs.

Here’s my job plan.  Open up the oil fields.  The United States shovels over $1/2 Trillion a year overseas to countries that hate us for oil.  Let’s use our own.  Keep that money here.  There are ways of keeping the price up at the $2.50 level it is right now so that consumption is not fed by cheap oil.  It doesn’t have to be cheaper.  It has to be domestic.  This will significantly reduce the US balance of payments deficit in one fell swoop.  Immediately play hell with the oil exporting countries that hate us.  Hmmm.  Why would this work?  Because it did in 1981-2.


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