Turns out I can eat pie – updated

My old age diabetes is not being nice of late. Aside from the usual pile of pills, I’m trying to get the glucose readings down by eating less…which is looking more and more like eating nothing it seems. Of course, by nothing, I mean all the things that probably contributed to the diabetic condition in the first place; pastries (preferably with goo inside), pasta (with goo on top), pancakes/waffles and all those other bready things of that kind, and just about anything with peanut butter. Not so big on candies or salt snacks, but watch me walk by and not inhale the bag.

Of course, what drives blood sugar levels is carbohydrates. What doesn’t have much carbohydrates I can have. Hello-o-o-o-o-o Dr. Atkins. I looked up steak in the carb counter. Zero. Oh, how I suffer. I’ll die of steak sauce poisoning.

But I was missing my favorites. The the people at work are forever having breakfast meetings with all the usual hyper-carb suspects and I just had to walk by, sniffing (because it smells so g-o-o-o-o-d) and I was feeling sorry for myself.

And then reality bites. I ran across an article by Roger Ebert called Nil by Mouth. While not a huge fan of his, I’ve seen his movie reviews for decades. Didn’t know he had cancer. Didn’t know he didn’t have a throat. No food. No drink. No talking.

So I can have that pie now.

Humble pie.

Update: Forgot the punchline.

Note to self:


It’s what he meant to say.


1,212 pound squat…Now I’m just making myself feel bad, again.

‘EH! This was supposed to be a serious post!

*Yeah, I used a ba-a-a-a-a-d word (first time on this site). It’s a quote. Supreme Court agrees with me. Get over it.

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