If you didn’t know how to flinch before, this will teach you how.

Legal disclaimer: Not for anybody with loose retinas or dentures, bad backs, dislocatable shoulders, or cojones smaller than plums or softer than brass.

An anti-gun nut I used to work with would always ask, “Why would anybody do that?”  To which my answer would be, “Because they can.”

“What is it good for?”

“Knocking people over so you can laugh at them.  But remember Jurassic Park II?  If I’ve got a 40 foot T-rex standing in my swimming pool, I want to be prepared.”

And just for the record, I have had a 24 foot T-rex in my backyard before and it wasn’t some inflatable toy.  Go cogitate on that for a while

Why gun videos stolen from Ace of Spades?  Because my previous post about cowboying up.  Can sex articles be far behind?  It will if I want to hit my millionth post before the Sun burns out.

Ooh, now I can put “sex” in my tags.


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