The Real Post-Partisan World

The conservative blogging world (Ed Morrisey at Captain’s Quarters was first, I believe) began the “Not One Dime More” campaign back around 2005 to protest the Rublican Party’s large scale betrayal of conservative values for the “We can blow money like drunken Democrats, too!” school of political suicide. In the last few months we have seen two campaigns where the conservative netroots bypassed the Republican Party machine: by funding the Independent Hoffman in NY-23 over the liberal Republican Scozzafava and then laying the moneycarpetbomb on Brown in Massachusetts. (Did I forget an ‘e’ there?)

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether or not the Tea Party movement will gel into a national political party. But I think it already has.  What do political parties do?  They: a) establish a party platform and philosophy; b) provide a mechanism for pooling and distributing resources; c) organize political activities. The Tea Partiers already do that.

The Tea Party, the real Tea Party, may be a textbook example (a virtual textbook of course) of a virtual organization. It has proven that it can organize protests on an hours notice, stage mass demonstrations at the US capital, and affect the outcome of elections by spontaneously directing resources instantly without having to filter through a party bureaucracy. Maybe, just maybe, we don’t want to create a formal national Tea Party structure. Because sure as you live, it will start to fall prey to the corruption of Power that reeks all over the Potomac. Maybe, just maybe, the Tea Party is better run from kitchens and dens and my couch (yeah, like anyone listens to me) than from Headquarters in Sodom and Gomorra, District of Columbia.

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