Door #4

Charles Krauthammer responded to Obama’s “I’d rather be a good one term president than a mediocre two term president” with the third option of a mediocre one term.

Where are these people coming up with mediocre?  When has Urkel risen to the level of mediocre?  Door #4 is the lid of a dipsy-dumpster where the Obama misadministration ends up on the landfill of history.

His other quote of the day[s] is telling the democratic caucus that 2010 won’t be like 1994 “…because this time you have me.”


The level of self delusion Skippy exhibits is really and truly frightening.  I thought it back during the campaign, this ex-professor is seriously a few credits short of a degree.  Once he is safely ensconced in the trash heap of history, I’ll bet the armchair shrinks are going to have a field day psychoanalyzing him.  “Name Obama’s pathology” will be more fun than “Who shot Kennedy.”


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