The abortion issue has been fun for so long because it so brings out the frothing radical in so many.  I always love to poke at pro-abortionists as baby killers, especially since in large part they are the same part of the population that addressed the U.S. military in the same way.  If the abortionists did a Pol Pot thing and piled up the skulls of their victories into a mountain, I wonder how big it would be.  Of course, their victim’s skulls are very small.

Of course I’ve never supported the total prohibition, either.  There are times due to medical necessity that calls for triage and the choice comes down to mother or child and sometimes, just mother.  The “We’ll let them both die to prove our moral superiority” crowd isn’t where I’m at.  And I am honestly angst ridden with the issue of major birth defects, quality of life, etc.  But it’s interesting to see how much people who spout on about ‘tolerance’ tolerate people with disabilities. (re: Trig Palin Derangement Syndrome)

Let’s look at Pro-Choice.

‘If I kill my baby now, I can make more money later.’

Hmmm.  Baby killing for profit.

‘I partied like there was no tomorrow a few weeks back.  But now it’s tomorrow and I want to party some more.  A girl just wants to have fun.’

Baby killing for fun.

The screeching harpy feminist position is kill babies for fun and profit.  Somehow, I’m not seeing the moral high ground there.

Of course then there’s the eugenicists who enable abortions in select neighborhoods to get rid of the undesirable classes.  Another moral high ground I’m not seeing.

So I needed to stake out a position somewhere between the “Pro-Life ’til they die” crowd and the so called “Pro-Choice*” crowds.  I’m going to call it the “Pro-Necessity” position.  It’s not likely to acquire a lot of adherents.  I don’t expect to see people streaming down the street waving “Pro-Necessity” posters anytime soon.  But I think it’s better than the extremes and marks a position that is somewhere between all and nothing.

* They’re only pro-choice for people who choose the choice the “Pro-Choice”ers choose for them. (re: Palin Derangement Syndrome)  Think of how wonderful the world would be if only the “Pro-Choice”er’s parents had felt the same way the “Pro-Choice”ers do.  Life would be so simple.


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