The Million Drum March

Sarah Palin is on a Tea Party speaking tour of the country that is supposed to culminate in a Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, DC?

I have a suggestion.

No.  Not my Million Gun March.  That didn’t seem to hit it off too well with my ones of readers.


This time my suggestion is the Million Drum March.  Oh, yeah.

Imagine if you will tens of thousands of people…  No.  Let’s dream BIG.

Imagine if you will hundreds of thousands of people showing up in the Mall in Washington, DC with anything they can bang together.  Real drums?  Great!  Pots and pans?  Great!  Two boards hinged together to make a clapper?  Great!  Two sticks without a hinge to bang together?  Great!  Anything that can produce a distinct.  sharp.  noise.  Oh, Yeah…

Some way needs to be found to coordinate the beat.  In a large crowd, it can take a noticeable amount of time for sound to travel from one side to the other.  So a way needs to be be arranged so that the beat starts at the outskirts of the crowd and then moving in towards the capital in a wave.  At multiple points around the perimeter, leaders need to set a synchronous  beat.  From the side of the crowd, it would sound like a long rolling rumble.  But the people inside the crowd synchronize to the sound as it hits them from the nearest point on the perimeter, picking up the beat and amplifying the wave as it moves toward the Capitol.

Now frankly, my first choice would be a spear and shield like the big battle scene in the movie Zulu* because I have issues with the colonizers in the Capitol occupying my country…but the local constabulary might take umbridge at the spear.  I might skip the loincloth, too since Washington can be a bit nippy in April.

But the drums would be the theme, and the goal is simple.







You betcha’.

* Micheal Caine, Jack Hawkins; 1964

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