Sarah’s hand

The row over Sarah Palin writing a note on her hand proves once again the intellectual vacuum libtards live in. They completely miss the real meaning of the noted palm…that’s how people who get things done get things done. She wanted to make a note (because REAL intellects can speak with a couple lines on their hands as opposed to faux-intellects who have to read stuff written by others off a teleprompter and even then misreads it) and she made the note quickly where she would see it with the least amount of muss or fuss. No faux-intellectual libtard can even comprehend such an elegant solution to a problem.

Better yet of course was Sarah’s palm note the next day in Texas. Somebody provided the translation that “Hi, Mom” is palm for “Bite me” to the libtards. Absolutely Churchillian in its subtlety. So much more classy than the Teleprompter Misreader Of The United States’ juvenile flipping off opponents by rubbing his nose with his middle finger. The Left might want to take it easy putting down Palin because no matter where she is on the intellectual spectrum she’s light-years beyond them.


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