To digress a little bit

I’ve been trying new things of late…and no I’m not going blind.

I’ve been doing the double ended candle thing and running behind on sleep.  This is complicated by working out heavy in the morning before breakfast.  This gets me all pumped up (yeah, right) but by the time I get home, get ready and get to work, the pump is off and the body goes, “NAP TIME!”  So I have been trying the energy drink thing.

So somebody tell me how that Five Hour Energy drink stuff works.  There is some caffeine in it.  But so did the three and a half gallons of coffee I go through in a day.  If stimulants were going to work (and I’m sure there is a tangent I could go off on there, but I just can’t think of it) that should have done it.

So anyway, I tried the Five Hour Energy drink.  Problem?  Eyes dry out because I don’t need to blink.  It would seem to work.  Problem?  It’s about a nine hour day so the last few hours can still get a little draggy.  Hmmpphh.  Essentially no calories and no carbs (good diabetic stuff).  Problem?  $3.00 a bottle for a two once bottle!  Great.  All I need is a $3.00 a day energy drink habit.  I did try a big can of energy drink with that guarana stuff (‘cuz the snack bar at work didn’t stock the Five Hour stuff).  Problem?  It tasted eeehhh.  It’s a huge can of eeehhh to drink.  And it didn’t work.  ‘Cuz if a stimulant was going to work, the three and a half gallons of coffee I go through in a day would have worked.  Did I mention that already?  There are other little bottles of energy stuff next to the Five Hour stuff.  Problem?  It’s not my precious, precious.

Can you develop a tolerance to the stuff?  Have the $3.00 a day habit grow into a $6.00 a day habit?  Or, heaven forbid, a $9.00 a day monkey on my back?

Go to bed earlier?  Ppphhttt…  I have to stay up and entertain my ones of readers.


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