To digress again

I posted to the Art of Manliness website some time back.  I tried this out…the James Bond shower, best described as hot wash, cold rinse.

Let me say, “Aaah”.


Let me say “AAAHHH!” in slightly higher pitch.

I read many of the original Ian Fleming books ages ago.  I don’t remember the part about the James Bond shower, also known as the Scottish shower.  I’m sure it has something to do with showering under a tea kettle back in the bad old days.  The tea kettle will give you just enough water to lather up, then the lather down…MY! That’s bracing…and yet curiously habit forming.  Of course the real trick…the manly part…is to not catch your breath, hold your breath, hyperventilate, jump up and down, try to break the sound barrier to finish up quicker, or express any other sign of having cold water dump all over you.

One of the advantage, besides being really awake when you’re done, is it actually provide some acclimation to the cold winter air.

So to my ones of readers…this is the mission, should you decide to accept it.  Try the Scottish shower and tell me if it makes the cold air more bearable.  No excuses now.  There are no warm places in the country.  #$^%&! Global Warming.


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