It’s not a bug – it’s a feature!

Oh, man…talking about loosing the momentum.  I get to way too opinionate way too little now, like once a week.  It doesn’t help that WordPress is…how’s the polite way to say this…uncooperative.  I put this missive together in 15 minutes between gym and work, hit Publish, and…nothing.  Error message and the edit page was blank.  Now I see it has come back as a draft so I will post it like it was a current event.

I assume there are some faithful ones of readers who produce a trickle of readers during these dry spells.  That and the casual random hit.  But to those who actually want to be here to see what’s up, I believe if you hit the RSS link on the right column, it will let you put a link in a regular home page so you will get pinged when I have something new to say.  Because…like…it’s not like I don’t have something to say.  I just don’t have time to say it.

Anyway back to opinionating that was so rudely interrupted a few days back.

Epiphany time.

Ran across this post at Gateway Pundit on Bohner’s latest YouTube video criticizing the Stimulus bill for wasteful spending, and finally…


I got it!  The entire purpose of the Stimulus bill was not to actually do anything.  It’s not about incompetence (not completely), it’s not about corruption and paying off political cronies (well, not completely), it’s not about the inherent inefficiencies of government programs (although that is an inevitable part).

It’s about the Democrats really honestly and truly not having a clue about what makes an economy run.  It’s a child driving a car without the slightest clue what the rules of the road are or the where the brake pedal is or does.  It’s an illiterate sitting in front of a word processor.  It is the embodiment of how the Democrats see the world working.  The government spends money…on anything…and goodness comes from that.  Paying money borrowed from China to pay for casino workers who are already able to deal with confrontational customers to learn how to deal with confrontational customers makes sense to the Democrats because the government did it.   As Victor Davis Hanson at PajamasMedia just pointed out, the idea of having to build factories and stores and get people to produce useful things is beyond their intellectual capacity.  They are incapable of differentiating between the useless and the useful.  It is the end result of moral equivalence.  They are incapable of judging anything.  They cannot differentiate between Good and Evil.  They cannot differentiate between Right and Wrong.  They cannot differentiate between productivity and waste.  Just as a lifetime of sloth will atrophy the body, a lifetime of moral equivalence will atrophy judgment.

The Liberals can’t differentiate between Good Policy and Bad Policy.  Their is only Their Policy.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing else registers.

It’s all clear now.


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