I consider that rumor confirmed

I posted a while back*:

Way back in the early days of the campaign, I remember reading someone’s description of an Obama staff meeting. The source (and this is one of Obama’s friends and supporters talking, mind you) said that in an Obama staff meeting, you are there to listen. Obama does the talking.

His performance at his Healthcare Takeover Summit pretty thoroughly backed up that story.  Not only did Obama talk more than anybody else, he talked more than either all the Republicans or all the other Democrats.  He was absolutely in transmit mode only.  He is a dictator.  You can see why he fawns over the likes of Hugo Chavez and Castro.  They never have to put up with the effrontery he had to put up with…actually being expected to listen to opinions that were not his.  Having to listen to counter-arguments that didn’t confirm His greatness.

Obama proves with every passing day how totally unfit he is for the Presidency.  Now unlike the frothing hate filled lefties who wished every possible calamity on Dubya, I don’t hate Obama.  I just don’t have a shred of respect for him.  I want him out of office.  Now.  His place in history is secure as the worst president ever.  He can go live in his beloved Cuba or Venezuela or some such place and bask in the delusions of His own Awesomeness.   I am not afraid of Slow Joe playing court jester until 2012.

*Yeah, I’m quoting myself.  Sue me.


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