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Let me try to work up some shock

via Ace.

Is Obama a legal phony?

Well, duh.

Oh, wait. Let me put on my shocked face.

What Obama is is a consummate con man.  But the con doesn’t work in the light of day.  Con men have to have secrecy to set up their cons.  They need to show up, impress the rubes, and disappear until the next performance.  The need to seed the mine with gold dust.  They need to cook up false images of success.  They need time for the rubes to forget.  The White House does not provide that secrecy.  He is in the public eye every day and every discrepancy between the con and the reality is there for the World to see.  His PR people try to concoct images of success, but they conflict so glaringly with the unmistakable reality of failure.  He can’t hide.

He presents himself as a blank slate that others can imprint in their own image.  He does nothing.  He knows nothing.  In very serious personality characteristics, he is nothing.  There is no conscience.  There is no truth but His.  There is no one but Him.

That he was a fraud as a “legal scholar” is totally unsurprising to anyone who actually listens to him speak.  What was the give away?  A “Constitutional Law Professor” who knows nothing about the Constitution?

Con’s up Barry.