The problem with historical analogies

The Rise of the Federal Empire will undoubtedly be followed at some point by the Fall of the Federal Empire as happened throughout history.

The problem is the fall is rarely neat.

The fall of the Roman Empire was not followed by the re-establishment of the Roman Republic.  It was followed by the Dark Ages.  For a thousand years, Europe wallowed in feudal despotism.

And that is what the Democrats are hoping for.  The power of the State turns every institution and individual into pathetic shells sucking at the Eagle’s teat for sustenance.  Removal of the Central Power will lead to a power vacuum the pathetic shells are incapable of filling.  Individuals dependent on government largess don’t know how to take care of basic needs.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at all the wonderful communities the Democrat’s Great Society established and are forever waiting for the next handout of other people’s money.


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