Repeal the 111th Congress

Usually, the Republicans have to gain the majority before they start acting like sinecured, Big Government Democrat-Lites.  Bob Corker shows that it’s never too early.



My platform is to repeal the entire 111th Congress.  All of it.  Ever bill.  Every Resolution.  Everything.  Drop the entire 111th Congress into the historical memory hole.  I don’t care if something they did might have actually done some good.  It can be repassed by a legitimate Congress.  Do a rectal exam of everything that sucked the Eagles teat for political baksheesh and get the money back.  Got a bailout.  Bend over.  Think $787 Billion was a stimulus?  See if this tickles.

Audit the Fed.  Audit the Treasury.  Audit the Democrats on general principles, because we know they have none.  Attach an FBI agent to every Chicago pol because we know they’re all crooks.  This rot came out of Chicago.  And yes, I do blame them.

Build an apartment for each of the Emperor’s Viceroys in Congressional hearing rooms…with bars. (not wet ones, unless they like licking steel)  and start the Inquisitions.  They’re all crooks and traitors.  Find out what they did with the Constitution.  If they are in hearings every day, they won’t be able to do any more harm to the country.


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