It’s the Primaries, Stupid!

The big Tea Party sites like pjtv are starting to push the “VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!” mantra.  Unfortunately, if we wait until November, we will already have lost.  Most of the battles to save the Republic from the clutches of the Federal Empire will not be in November.  They will be the primaries.  Because how can you vote out a political machine, Democrat-Lite RINO Republican except to vote IN an almost indistinguishable political machine, Democrat-Heavy Socialist Democrat, or vice versa?

Real change will occur in the primaries.  The Republican Party can only be brought back from the corrupt political Democrat Wanna-be path to the limited government fiscal conservative Emancipation Party path in the primaries.  Third party Tea Partiers running in November will simply put more Democrats back in office.

Turn out for primaries tends to be pathetic compared to even poorly attended general elections.  Normally, only the hardest core partisans march to the poll for primaries to vote in their political machine candidate.  A large turn out of Tea Partiers in August, or whenever the primary is held, voting in both parties can break the lock the professional politicians have held for far too long.

November will be at best a Pyrrhic Victory unless it is preceded by victories in the primaries.  The engagement has to be to get involved ALL THE TIME.  Every election that gets ignored puts machine politicians in office.

The next door town of Overland, MO. made national news because they elect their mayor in April.  A few years back, less than 10% of the electorate turned out for the mayoral election and the result was the Administration of Mayor Ann Purzner who was eventually removed from office in a recall election.  When I would drive by the Overland City Hall on city council meeting days and see the army of citizens filling the sidewalks on both sides of the street protesting her reign, I would think, “if they had bothered to vote, they probably would have saved themselves the trouble of being outraged.”

The Tea Partiers need to be as engaged in the primaries as the general election or we will have to suffer another two years of racing towards socialist oblivion.


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