RNC Chairman issues

Lot’s of noise about Micheal Steele lately.  Actually, there’s been lots of noise about Steele since he became party chairman.  Way too much about Steele.  Way too little about the Party or the platform.  Not a good thing.

Let’s remember something about the right honorable chairman.  He rose to national attention through a failed shot at the Lt Governorship of Maryland.  Most of the attention he got was due to the abuse, often racial abuse, heaped on him during his failed campaign.  He’s never held a significant office.  He became chairman because he was a victim.

Looks like he has the same qualification for his job as Obama had…

…an empty suit full of himself.

The result is the DNC is out raising the RNC.  This may not mean that the Republicans aren’t making more money.  Someone needs to add up all the donations to individual candidates as well as national committees to see the real score.  But money bypassing the national committee means it is becoming irrelevant.  And if Steele’s maladministration is causing that, then he is the antithesis of what the chairman should be.


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