Tax Day Tea Party in Clayton, MO – update II

There is a Tea Party planned for Washington, MO that I was going to go to.  But now I see that Gateway Pundit is planning one in Clayton.  Washington, MO is an hour out of St. Louis.  Clayton is the county seat for St. Louis County.  That will be the bigger crowed.  I’ll aim for that one.

6:30 in the evening, Thursday, April 15, 2010.

Unfortunately, parking is no better in Clayton than it was for the Keiner Plaza Tax Day protest last year in downtown St. Louis.  Carpool for efficiency and self-defense.  Assume the leftist thugs will be out.  This is the Obama Thugocracy, after all.

update:  Trying on a new sign for the Tax Day Protest.  Wadda ya’ think?

And then there’s this one.


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