They’re not illegal immigrants

They’re colonists.

People come in to the United States from all over the world and sneak in or overstay their visas or by some other miscreant behavior become illegal aliens here.  When they run afoul of the authorities, they get deported.  Sometimes they don’t run afoul of the authorities and just stay.  In small numbers, this poses no threat and is just one of those things countries have to deal with in order to preserve their sovereignty.

The problem is people coming here in great numbers not to become Americans, but to establish colonies of their homelands here.  This is not the same thing as Italian or Polish ghettos of the past.  The Italians and Poles and Germans and Japanese came to the United States to become Americans.  It worked out to be more convenient and comfortable to move into ethnic communities because of language and culture and hence, the ghettos were formed.

But the mass migration today is not people who want to be Americans.  There are active campaigns to take the Southwest and join it to Mexico.  No Italian immigrant ever talked about making Little Italy in any city part of Italy itself.

The fact that these people are just coming here to make  a living does not change the fact that they are establishing colonies in the US.  The Conquistadors were not colonists.  They were soldiers and adventurers.  The colonists came after them.  The colonists were the farmers and miners and merchants and wives and kids who identified with and for a long time remained loyal to Spain.  It was the colonists who ultimately destroyed the Aztecs.  Likewise it was the farmers and ranchers who destroyed the American Indian nations.  The America that the farmers and ranchers broke away from Europe was not the country of the Indians.

Colonization is ultimately a test of a culture’s viability and rigor.  Energetic societies expand into other societies.  Passive cultures get occupied.  A society that allows or cannot stop colonization by other cultures will be Darwined out of existence.  The American Indians could not stop the European colonials and later could not stop the westward expansion of the United States.  Now their cultures are just entertaining museum pieces dependent the largess of their conquerors.  The Roman Empire was born of Roman colonists moving into other countries, and died when they could not stop the empire from being colonized by others.  The Western Tradition is under serious threat from colonization by multiple outside cultures.   The countries that survive will be the ones that say, “Our country, our culture and our traditions are worth saving.”  Otherwise, it’s to the ash heap of history along side the Aztecs, Incans, Hawaiians and Romans.


3 comments so far

  1. sister on

    All of a sudden, I have an urge to see the Grand Canyon this year.

  2. way2opinionated on

    Been there. It’s impressive. If you walk to the bottom, bring water or you may not make it back to the top. (we ran into people who tried). And if you walk, you’ll learn to hate mules.

  3. way2opinionated on

    Wait a minute… I just noticed who posted the comment. You DID walk to the bottom.

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