Latest proof of global warming

I’m in Florida doing my part to precipitate the Higher Education Bubble pop (delivering the young’n to school). A coworker and I were commiserating the other day about our miserable timing for having kids at college age. Any earlier and the ever so expenive degree would probably be worth something. Any later, and the bubble would have popped and we would be pursuing a more affordable cost effective approach. Oh well. I live to serve and she’s having fun and learning stuff.

Oh yeah, latest proof of Global Warming. We were at the St. Petersburg Pier (like the Navy Pier in Chicago but much smaller) and I went into a hat shop (I am a hat wearer). The proprietess was complaining about how the previous year, St. Petersburg had actually suffered through three months of actual winter. My college student confirmed that it had gone below freezing a number of times – and St. Petersburg is one of those areas where lots of houses have no built in heat. Because, you know, it’s supposed to be warm here all winter.

This “Latest Proof Of Global Warming” has been brought to you by Grapes & Nuts, or what you get when you let the enviros loose in the vinyard.


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