The difference between a government and organized crime…

…is constitutional restraints.

At every level, governments are becoming more and more indistinguishable from criminal organizations.  Municipalities across the country are devoting ever more time to figuring out ways to steal more money from anybody who happens to wander by.  They don’t care whether it’s constitutional or not because the Supreme Court has all but said that anything that makes money for the government is for the public good.

And of course at the federal level, we have the World’s Largest Ponzi Scheme; ie. Social Security.  Any organization that ran their business, or even just kept their books, like the federal government would be doing hard time, right down to the janitors.  But the erosion of Constitutional constraints has let the current generation of the political overloard class to go where no private crime syndicate has ever gone before.

How many times does history have to teach that unrestricted government never ends well.  The election of 2010 is the battle to restore constitutional restraints on government.

Put the government monsters back in their constitutional cages.


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  1. sister on

    nice to have you back

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