That reminds me – updated

Gateway Pundit has a post that some nutcase wants to create an Obama dollar bill.  After all, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and every monarch in history has had their mugs pasted on the local currency.  Why not the One. (guess it’s a good thing they didn’t call him the Twenty)

One of the amendments I would like to see added to the Constitution is a prohibition on using taxpayer money on ANYTHING named for a living person.  I would include it as part of a term limit amendment.  Like protecting freedom of speech to ensure people can criticize those in power, it is a ban on politicians promoting themselves and extend their tenure using their power and access to the national purse, leveling the playing field for challengers.  Politicians need to run on their legislative record.  Not how much pork they name after themselves.  It is a legitimate purpose of the Constitution to put as many restraints on the ability of politicians to abuse the power given them as possible.

Yes, I said ban naming anything for ANYBODY who is not dead.  Politicians who can’t get their own names on unnecessary pork projects are perfectly willing to buy the services of the latest local folk hero.  I think this every time I drive down I-70 and pass the Mark MacGwire Highway sign.  What a hero he turned out to be.

If this clause had been in existence from the beginning, it would mean that we wouldn’t have the USS George H W Bush, the USS Jimmy Carter (what a hero he turned out to be).  The USS Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have been the USS Ronald Reagan because it was named for him while it was still alive.  But we also wouldn’t have half the public buildings in West Virginia named for Robert Byrd.

Update:  This is how it is supposed to work.

Eddie Rickenbacker was the highest scoring ace in the US Army Air Corps during World War I.  He then had the audacity to live to the ripe old age of 82.  The Air Corps, and later the US Air Force, patiently waited 55 years for him to die so they could name Rickenbacker Field after him.

Note that I don’t object to things being named in honor of living people per se.  I am all for private organizations spending their own money to worship whatever idols they want because it’s their money.  I object using taxpayer money because when government money is used it always leads to misdirection, abuse and corruptions by politicians.  It’s not the namesakes I don’t like.  It’s the politicians I don’t trust.


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  1. datGurl! on

    dont hate. congratulate. the only reason you dont want Obama on the bill is because he is black and your still mad he became prez. so what do we do? ruin it for every other QUALIFIED and living person by making up this stupid rule? Where were you with this rule when all of these wonderful things were bearing Bush and Reagans name??

    Dont even try it. we already know. Sitting calmly on the left.

    So what will you do if they DID put him on the bill? Throw away your money? never use that bill again? something equally stupid.

    Go ahead and cut off your nose to spite your ugly racist face.

    • way2opinionated on

      Obviously my objection to Mark McGwire Highway is because he was an upstart black man.

      I have always objected to the practice. I objected to the old white guy former KKK member Robert Byrd naming every building in West Virginia with my money. I objected to the Reagan being named the Reagan (up until he kicked the bucket).

      The fact that Obama is the worst president ev-ah is not the basis of my objection. It is a principaled position that I have held since long before Obama was voting “Present” in the Ilinois senate.

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