Did you ever stop and think that maybe he wasn’t that smart?

Saul Alinsky that is.

Everybody loves to quote from the Rules for Radicals that he authored.  The Democrats in general and Obama in particular love to practice the Rules that he authored.

But where is the evidence, the record of success, that demonstrates that those rules were the least bit effective?  The Alinsky lead rebellions of the ’60s lead to the malaise of the ’70s and Conservative Revival of the ’80s.  I’m not seeing the success here.

Obama is about to hang up his umpteenth strawman to excoriate even though every other target of he “Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.” rule has benefited from the attention.

So maybe the Rules for Radicals isn’t the revolutionary panacea it proponents and quoters believe.  Maybe Alinsky wasn’t all that smart, just mean and vindictive.  And of course, who’s stupider: the person who dreams up useless rules, or the fool who follows them blindly?


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