It’s the intimidation, stupid

Been following the “New Black Panther Party voter intimidation suit rejection case”…no wonder nobody knows about it.  It’s a mouthful.

The defenders of the NBPP thugs have used, “Have any white voters come forward complaining about being intimidated?”  Because, of course, the issue isn’t voter intimidation.  It’s all about ‘race relations’.  Apparently, to the infinitely wise leftist/liberals, voter intimidation is fine as long as it doesn’t involve whites intimidating blacks.

I have described the so called ‘Civil Rights Acts’ (the actual civil rights act, the voting rights act, and a slough of others) as apartheid laws.  Because what the good Party of Slavery Democrats did was institutionalize the very racism they claimed to be fighting by dividing the American People into mutually opposing groups so they could play their identity politics with them.  Rather than protecting human rights, what they were really pursuing was revenge against whitey.  Not reverse discrimination.  The enforcement of rules prefering one group over another.

The real issue should be “There was voter intimidation.”  Not white on black.  Not black on white.  It is equally wrong if the NBPP thugs were threatening blacks to stay on the Democratic Party plantation, or skinheads threatening whites not to ‘betray their race’ (whatever that means).  Voters, the sovereigns of the land, where being interfered with while engaging in their civic duty.  THAT was the crime irregardless of their race.  Or it should be.  Can you imagine a Democrat taking that stand?


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