Can I call ’em or what

Victor Davis Hansen at PajamasMedia has a wonderful compilation of the failings of the Obama administration.   When pointing out these failings to still or former HopeyChange sorts, I am often faced with the retort, “But you never liked him.” which somehow is supposed to make my prescience less, well, prescient.  Yes Virginia, I never liked him.  I never pretended to see something that wasn’t there.  I witnessed the vaporous life story, non-existent resume, empty rhetoric and ugly personal attitude and correctly surmised that this would be a really long four years.


The only fair thing to do is to have Obama go down in history as the only president (so far) successfully thrown out of office.  Not just to protect the country from his boundless incompetence, but as a lesson to other charismatic charlatans who would pretend to be be able to fill the office based solely on their unmitigated delusions of grandeur, sense of entitlement and gall.

Because I never figured the milquetoast Republicans would have the stomach for it, I figured it would have to be the Democrats who would impeach him, basically in self-defense before the mid-terms.  Unfortunately, they didn’t take my advice and the day of reckoning for that mistake rapidly approaches.  Fortunately, the Republican Party may, as Vice President Joe “Court Jester” Biden said, not be your grandfather’s Republican Party.  I don’t think the conservative “Tea Party” firebrands are coming to Washington to bow and scrape before the liberal elite, the Democratic mouthpieces of the press, or intend to apologize for having been right (sure, take that as a pun if you want) all along.

So I’m still all HopeyChangy that the biggest ego in the country get run out of town in the most ignominious way.  We’ll just have to see if the remnants of the Democrats in Congress figure out that he needs to go before he reduces the Democrats to a minor regional party.


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