The politics of…

…political celebritys’ children on TV.  This of course would be in reference to Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol being on Dances With The Stars.  I’ve been watching (wife’s hooked on the show) to see how the audience and public reacts.  Actually, I’m happy to say it has been completely above board.  Maybe there’s hope for humanity, yet.  But ABC did have to bend over and do somersaults to prove that booing that occurred just as Sarah Palin was being interviewed was actually a response to the judging and not the interviewee.

And as a side note, Bristol seems to be developing quickly (yeah, we voted for her) given that fact that every other competitor has a lifetime of experience performing in front of crowds and cameras, some of them as professional dancers.

Now the question becomes, does Sarah Palin benefit if Bristol performs well?  I’m reasonably sure Bristol will not win the big prize.  The winners are usually lithe muscular usually ex-professional dancers and Bristol has a bit of motherliness about her (not lithe).  But much of the antipathy towards Palin [sr] is the meme pushed by the left about her lack of ‘sophistication’ if you will.  The Wassilla Hillbillies.  If Bristol does well (gets into the final half of the competition or even the finals) on the liberal’s home turf (Hollywood glitz) will this improve the negatives Sarah carries?

To find out, vote for Bristol at 800-868-4307 right after the show and tell ’em, I sent ya’.

PS:  and Michael Bolton’s performance last Monday was the most painful performance I’ve ever witnessed on a stage before.


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