It’s not enough…

It’s not enough to allow yourself to be dragged along by the “Progressive”* agenda.

A co-worker once told me that if I didn’t believe in Social Security and Medicare, I shouldn’t accept the benefits when the time comes around.  It is an attitude that perfectly illustrates the mindset of liberals.  It’s not sufficient that I have been robbed by the government at the point of a gun (the coercive aspect of any government mandate) for my entire life to pay for their empty Utopian promises.  I have to sell my soul to their cause before I ‘qualify’ to get back what was stolen from me.

Now just on the off chance that somebody besides my faithful reader wanders by and sees this, let me explain how federal “entitlement” programs work…specifically Social Security for simplicity’s sake.

The government steals money from workers based on their income up to a certain level.  This is the FICA on your pay stub.  They take this money and give it to current recipients.  Note that none of it is ‘invested’.  It is a transfer payment from payer to recipient.  The payer is promised a future free from want.  The current recipient is told that this is the fruits of their earlier contributions (which of course were actually paid to past recipients) even if the current recipient never paid a FICA in their life.  Now if you as a private individual go out and create an ‘investment’ scheme whereby people are paid benefits by getting more people to pay into the scheme, the government will find you guilty of running a pyramid racket and send you to jail.  However, the government committing exactly the same crime is called “Progressive”.

Now, as it happened, for the longest time the government was actually stealing more money than it was paying out to current recipients.  If there is something that no self respecting political whore is going to do, it’s leave other people’s money unspent.  So Congress ‘borrowed’ the Social Security surplus and spent it on vital public services like the Lawrence Welk Birthplace museum in Strasburg, North Dakota, or studies into the mating practices of homosexual Amazonian indians (you think I’m kidding?).  In return, the Social Security system received bearer bonds. (actual paper bonds stored in a building in Ohio.)  This is the so called Social Security trust fund.  It is a debt owed by a bankrupt government already running $2Trillion deficits.

So there you have it kiddies.  I am a bad person for pointing out the fact that the “Progressives” have created the largest most corrupt swindle in the history of the known Universe.  I have a better idea for the so called “Progressives”.  Instead of qualifying by selling your soul and endorsing this abomination, how about basing qualification by being dragged into this swamp kicking and screaming.  The people who didn’t want this and didn’t believe the Utopian pipe dreams of the “Progressives” get to recoup what was stolen from them and the “Progressives” who are responsible for created and perpetuating it pass on their benefits because they really believe in giving to others.  Go ahead.  Show us your moral superiority.


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