V -27 days

I believe the anticipation of election day 2010 has me positively tongue tied.  Mostly because I’m afraid of jinxing the coming tsunami zombie apocalypse.  Seriously. That may be an apt description for the Day After.  If this goes down as some have predicted (but probably won’t because to say otherwise will whip big jinx all over it!) there are going to be armies of Communist/Socialist/Leftist/Libtard/Democrats (CSLLD) staggering around the streets.  Not sure if they are going to have a taste for brains but they are certainly going to be pounding down the crow like beer at a frat party.  Now personally, I’m hoping they go into the shocked, slow moving ‘Night of the Living Dead’ mode.  It will be more irritating if they go into the crazed fast charging ‘Zombieland’ type ‘cuz I’m none to fast on my feet.  I’m not looking forward to being accosted by CSLLD Jewish Conspiracy Theory, Bush Stole the Election, and We’re All A Bunch of RACISTS rants.


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