Party of Dinosaurs

Horace Cooper at Pajamas Media observes the resistance of the Democratic leadership to bend with the coming whirlwind they have sown.  He attributes it to obstinance.  But really it is the inability of the Left to even conceive of anything besides the Liberal Playbook that they have pursued for a century now.

I first noticed this listening to just about anything coming out of the mouth of a labor mafia (aka, labor union) goon.  No matter what the topic, not matter what the position, it always sounds like they are talking about something happening in the 1920’s.  That is where they are stuck.  The Communists governments suffered the same problems.  They were all built on “The Revolution!”  Seventy years after the revolution, most of the world had moved on to other things.  But the only justification for the failures and abuses of the communist governments were, “The Revolution!”  And so you got the picture of the Soviet Union, simultaneously damning the bourgeois intelligentsia as counter-revolutionary elitists while becoming increasingly dependent on them to try to kick start their moribund economy into the modern era where the evil capitalists had gone.  Likewise, they depended on “The Revolution!” mantra to demonize the extinct corruption of monarchs and dictators long dead in order to hide their own personal corruptions.

The American Left has the same blindness.  (Well, in reality, they are essentially the same political philosophy.)  Obama must have been suckled on liberal playbook.  Every place he went through his life reinforced his belief in the liberal agenda.  Other leftist Democratic leaders are equally imbued with that image of the Earthly Utopia that would be brought about by the “Progressive” agenda.  Hence their refusal to compromise.  Hence their refusal to change course when the unpopularity of their agenda became clear.  Hence their inability to even acknowledge that unpopularity, because the essence of the liberal agenda is that it is for, “The People!”, those ignorant ingrates.

Oh, the irony that the so called “Progressives” really more than anything else want to bring back…what?  1910?  1920?  And I expect nothing to change.  The insane leftists will be driven into the deepest liberal enclaves.  The sane leftists will, as they did for decades before, hide their true agenda.  They will quietly bide their time until the next time people forget what they really stand for.  Then once again they will march forth to present the solutions to whatever was bothering Woodrow Wilson way back when.


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