Beware the Government-Corporate Complex

(dredging up an old draft from summer of ’09 so I don’t have to write a new post.  Hey, it’s still timely.)

Building on Zoroafter’s fine comment to How Can You Tell Obama Is Lying post.

Obama is the worst form of partner, stabbing you in the back while partnering to rob the pantry.  Kind of like Hitler and Stalin (did I say Hitler!?  I even said Stalin!) signing a public non-aggression pact while privately dividing up Poland between them and secretly preparing to annihilate each other.

Obama blames “special interest groups and insurance companies” for the ills of healthcare in America.  But it’s not because they oppose him.  It’s because they are so deeply in bed with him and the rest of the statist in government it’s hard to differentiate between them.

Eisenhower warned of the Military-Industrial Complex.  But rather than heed the warning, the industrial component has expanded far beyond the military to every facet of government.


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