Can we call Meghan McCain a Democrat now?

John McCain’s rich little princess daughter has deigned to share her opinion of Christine O’Donnell with the world.  Hot Air picks up some of  the reactions.  I have a suggestion for Ms McCain.


Up till now I have pretty much ignored the McCain progeny.  But this was too egregious.

The McCain clan has always exhibited the worst aspect of the RINO class.  Their position isn’t principled.  It’s whatever gets them invited to the posh cocktail parties with all the cool kids.  M. McCain’s invitations to all the leftist hangouts where all the cool celebrities can be seen must be pouring in now.  Why?  Because what she is doing now is actively campaigning for the Democrats.

It’s two weeks before the election.  O’Donnell is the underdog and trying to make it up a steep hill.  Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment needs to be in full force.  And Meghan McCain is lobbing hand grenades at her.

We could give her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s just stupid.  Or that she is a narcissistic spoiled little rich kid intoxicated with the musical sound of her own voice.  But I don’t have to giver her the benefit of the doubt.  I just have to have an opinion (hence the name of the blog).  She is doing is actively working to increase the numbers of Democrats in Congress.

I guess if she stood up and declared that she was really a Democrat, she would just be another ditsy rich kid leftist among all the other ditsy rich kid leftists.  But by claiming to be Republican and then attacking republicans, she is immediately vaulted to the front of the line.


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